Broadway Video Digital Media (BVDM) is an industry leader in providing distribution, digital file encoding, duplication, video transmission, closed captioning, and asset management services to organizations of any size.  BVDM services a wide range of clients across the broadcast, cable, corporate, and technology markets.

BVDM’s roots can be traced back to Broadway Video’s (BV) aggressive facilities expansion in 1994.  Known for its Emmy Award winning productions and talent, BV opened several new divisions in 1994, including Broadway Video Duplication, which quickly became one of New York’s premier duplication and broadcast support service bureaus.  BV Duplication continued to thrive and evolve throughout many changes in the post production industry, and in response to the rapid emergence of digital video files, Broadway Video Encoding was formed in 2004 as an offshoot of BV Duplication.

By 2007 it was clear that digital video, HDTV, and new cutting edge technologies were all converging to create exciting new opportunities in the video service bureau industry.  In June of 2007, a private investment group made a substantial equity investment in the duplication, file encoding, and the technology research divisions of Broadway Video, Inc., and as a result, Broadway Video Digital Media was formed from the staff and resources of Broadway Video Duplication and Broadway Video Encoding.