Captioning and Subtitling

BVDM offers captioning, subtitling, encoding, and translation services in virtually any language.  Utilizing BVDM’s extensive technical facilities, all caption and subtitle services are offered across all platforms and formats, including HDTV, DVD, Video on Demand, and Video for the Internet.

BVDM believes that local production is the key to delivering excellence on every job, and they proudly note that all of their caption writers and equipment operate from their technical center in New York City.  This localized service enables them to work closely with clients and their technical teams on a daily basis. BVDM also prides itself on the highest level of caption quality, which is not only an important factor in serving the hearing impaired community, but also in meeting governmental compliance standards.

The highest quality, the finest service, the most resources, and the convenience of working locally all combine to make BVDM’s Closed Captioning and Language Services Division the best choice for your captioning needs.