LAP System Information

The explosion in digital video technology platforms has generated enormous opportunities for content owners and distributors by creating ancillary revenue streams from new content, and by breathing life into once dormant back catalogs. This revolution has also created daunting and complex challenges for the executives, managers, producers, and technicians trying to make the transition technically seamless, often with limited budgets.

We asked our clients what they need, and they gave us valuable and remarkably simple feedback. Our clients indicated they need to:

  • Search and screen all their content from their computer, not in the tape room;
  • Perform simple manipulations, such as subcliping and transcoding;
  • Distribute clips and programs electronically, and
  • Archive and digitally store the material to remove the threats posed by storing on videotape.

These four functions are the backbone of our video management solution, and we’ve assembled a suite of tools and resources to allow any client, large or small, to quickly and affordably meet these four objectives.

The Library Access Platform (LAP) abandons proprietary platforms and uses new advancements in Open Source and Web 2.0 technologies to provide asset management. Our approach treats the system like a website from its inception, and that can capitalize on proven technologies.

Searching and screening. Searching your library is similar to using Google. Just type in keywords and/or search operators, and any records with matching fields are displayed. Double clicking those results will play an oversized, high-quality proxy via the Flash plug-in of your browser, or through the QuickTime Player.

Subclipping and sets. The majority of activity in managing assets is building collections (“sets”) from search results, or defining “sub-clips” — smaller sections of individual assets. The LAP provides easy ways to execute both of these tasks. And for sub-clipping, we can provide EDL translation directly into Final Cut Pro.

Electronic ordering, transcoding, and distribution. Acting upon sets or subclips usually follows, and the full complement of BVDM’s services are available to you. Whether you’re creating files, making a compilation reel of clips, burning selections to DVD, or ordering closed captioning for an asset, our system and our team will transform your assets quickly. Distribution, either digital or physical, is just as easy.

Archival storage. The LAP provides a safe, future proof, digital storage system for video, audio, and ancillary materials. Our handling of your archival files is indistinguishable from our handling of tape masters today, but they are digitally preserved, and perfectly positioned to be deployed quickly and cost effectively as new distribution opportunities arise.

We offer fully hosted versions of the LAP, shared installs, and integration into client systems, as well as a scalable system architecture that can grow along with your organization. We’re also happy to support any clients who want to manage an LAP fully within their own internal systems and environments.

Please contact us to arrange a consultation and/or a customized demo of our LAP system using your content.