BVDM is a specialist in High Definition and 3DTV. It has one of the largest fleets of videotape recorders in New York, and performs all types of up, down, and cross conversions. Its technical and client services staff has an unmatched depth of knowledge and experience in this field.

Below is a complete list of all the HDTV and 3DTV formats supported by the company:

Resolution, Frame Type & Rate Standard Definition
480i 59.94 NTSC SD
480p 59.94 NTSC SD
480sf 29.97 NTSC SD
576i 50 PAL SD
576p 50 PAL SD
576sf 25 PAL SD
720p 23.98 NTSC HD
720p 59.94 NTSC HD
1080i 50 PAL HD
1080i 59.94 NTSC HD
1080p 23.98 NTSC HD
1080sf 23.98 NTSC HD
1080p 24 NTSC HD
1080sf 24 NTSC HD
1080p 25 PAL HD
1080 sf 25 PAL HD