Media Replication

BVDM operates a fleet of DVD and CD replication and printing equipment at its New York City operations center, and prides itself on offering the industry’s fastest turnaround times for rush and time-critical orders.  Complementing the rush service offerings are complete fulfillment and shipping services to one location, or 10,000 locations.  Based on order size, completion time, and product specifications, BVDM utilizes a worldwide network of media manufacturers, printers, and packaging producers.  This network effectively makes any job possible, and allows almost any conceivable choice and option.

Where BVDM truly excels is in our ability to offer the industry’s finest Project Managers to coordinate all aspects of a replication project.  Coordinating the simultaneous efforts of designers, authoring technicians, printers, logistics companies, and a client’s ever-changing needs is a difficult task, but one that our expert project managers have mastered.  Creating one single point of contact and offering top notch project management makes BVDM an excellent choice for DVD and CD replication projects of any size.

Please see the Thumbnail images below that give a small sampling of projects that we have finished.