Traceable DVD Watermarking

DVDs containing sensitive or pre-release content are very vulnerable to unauthorized distribution via the Internet and other digital media.

Until now, there has been no effective way to deter this kind of damaging copyright violation. Hackers can defeat even the most sophisticated electronic security methods. Solutions that rely on visibly scarring the video inevitably detract from the viewing experience, while smaller or static copyright notices can easily be blurred out.

Now, Broadway Video Digital Media has developed a breakthrough solution to this problem: The BVDM Traceable Watermark System (patent pending).

The BVDM Traceable Watermark System assigns a unique registration code to every copy of your DVD. This registration code is clearly marked on the face of the DVD. More importantly, the code is unobtrusively embedded in the DVD’s video content, both visibly and invisibly, using an indelible watermark applied during the replication process.

The new BVDM Traceable Watermark System is a major advance in DVD security. Because the BVDM watermark is visual, not electronic, it cannot be defeated using any electronic hacking method. Because the unique code is clearly displayed on the DVD face, and unobtrusively displayed in the video content, recipients are fully aware that their copy has been registered to them and can be traced. Finally, because the code is also invisibly embedded in the video, no amount of scarring or blurring can eliminate it.

Not surprisingly, recipients are much more careful to prevent unauthorized distribution of content when they know that their copy has been registered, and can be directly traced back to them. Real world application of the BVDM Traceable Watermark System for major network, pre-release materials has shown that it virtually eliminates unauthorized copying and distribution.

The BVDM Traceable Watermark System is the best way to put a stop to copyright infringement of your sensitive or pre-release promotional materials. For a complimentary demonstration, using your own content, please contact Alex Perez at (212) 333-0555 ext. 583.