Tape Decay White Paper

BVDM specializes in cost effective yet best-of-breed solutions for the preservation and archiving of large videotape libraries.  Our consultants provide up front analysis of the current state of the materials and then work closely with the client to determine the best archive format the current and future needs.

As this is an area of deep expertise for us, we are providing a free white paper on the topic.  An introductory excerpt follows below, as well as a link to download our entire report in PDF format.

In the era of Internet television, videotape libraries are becoming an increasingly valuable source of revenue. Unfortunately, experience and scientific research have shown that videotape deteriorates over time. Much valuable programming recorded in the sixties, seventies, and eighties is decaying to the point where it will eventually become unplayable. Programs recorded on once-popular formats such as U-matic ¾, One Inch Type C, D2, Betacam SP and Digibeta are now all at risk.

For this reason, content owners must be careful to identify tapes that are reaching a critical level of decay, and take steps to preserve them. Otherwise, the opportunity to retrieve and monetize this content in the future will be lost. This White Paper reviews the scientific literature on tape deterioration, identifies which types of tape are most at risk, and offers recommendations for how best to safeguard these important assets.

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